Beyond blow-ups:
Better trials through exhibitography

I'm Amy Gallaher Hall and I create demonstrative exhibits for trial. Working with lawyers to develop their cases for court, I employ a visual storytelling style that brings their message to life in a way that engages jurors while teaching and persuading. I draw on established cognitive principles about human perception and emotion to communicate the essential meaning of each case. The results intimidate in settlement meetings and they are lethal in court.

Unlike many exhibit creation services that focus on showing what happened, my exhibits prove why something happened... and why the jury should care.

I work with lawyers and law firms large and small across the country (and around the world), helping to secure large awards in all kinds of litigation. My free ebook goes into more detail into my proprietary process and offers useful information such as the 5 pitfalls of demonstrative exhibits.

Learn more by emailing me, or calling me at (707) 337-9889 (Pacific time).

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